Stable cell pool is generated by using a retroviral platform that enables establishment of cell pool in just four weeks. Such rapid turnaround is based on the use of an artificial antigen that is expressed on the surface of successfully transformed cells. Mammalian cells are transduced using modified retrovirus (Mo-MLV) vectors containing a client′s gene(s) of interest. The Mo-MLV transfer vector has all major structural proteins removed, rendering it incapable of replication or reversion.

Once transduced, cells are allowed to grow for two weeks in a healthy pool. Then, cells that have been transformed are sorted using the specific antibody against the surface antigen. This technology provides a healthier cell pool since harsh antibiotics are never used. The established stable cell line is suitable for studying gene function, expression, toxicity, proliferation, as well as for small to medium scale production of recombinant proteins.

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