CBI offers high quality and cost-effective cell line development services for pharmaceutical, academic, biotechnology research applications in the following areas:
•  Custom immortalization of primary cells
•  Generation of stable cell lines expressing a gene of interest (GOI)


Stable cell lines are important tools in the research, development and production of recombinant therapeutic and diagnostic proteins as well as monoclonal antibodies. These cell lines are also used for drug screening in addition to physiological, pharmacological and toxicological studies. It is very tedious and laborious to generate a stable cell line but having a stable cell pool early in the R&D process can save time and money. Using our methods, a cell pool can be obtained in 4 weeks. When you are ready to transfer your protocol to large-scale manufacturing, establishment of a stable cell line is the right choice.

Primary cells differ from cell lines because they have a limited life span and therefore the duration of primary cell culture depends heavily on the cell type. Some primary cells are very difficult to maintain, while after immortalization cells become more "friendly" and easy to propagate. Transformation of primary cells either with cancer genes, viruses or other inducible modifications may lead to overcoming senescence leading to immortalization.

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