Stable cell lines are important tools in research, development and production of recombinant therapeutic and diagnostic proteins and monoclonal antibodies. Cell lines are also used in drug screening, physiological, pharmacological and toxicological studies. It is very tedious and laborious to generate stable cell line. Having stable cell pool early in the R&D process can save time and money.  Such cell pool can be obtained in 4 weeks.  When you are ready to transfer your protocol to the large-scale manufacturing stable cell line is the choice.

Service includes cloning gene of interest (GOI) into either a mammalian expression vector, MMLV-based retrovirus vector or HIV-based 3rd generation lentivirus vector.  Based on your requirements we choose the best strategy and corresponding vector system. Expression of the GOI is confirmed by RT-PCR or Westen Blot with specific antibody.

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