Custom Cell Immortalization Service includes the following:

  1. Expanding primary cells (provided by the client)
  2. Killing curve test on primary cells with antibiotic (optional)
  3. Cell transduction with lentiviruses containing immortalizing gene
  4. Selection of the transduced cells (pools or clones)
  5. Analysis of transgene expression by RT-PCR
  6. Mycoplasma Test
  7. Amplification of transduced cells and preparation of 3x 1ml (106 cells/ml) frozen stock cells.


  • Different systems can be tested
  • Guaranteed >95% of cell population containing stably integrated gene that induces immortalization
  • Average turnaround time is 2-3 months, although it depends on the cell type
  • We also can provide primary cells  
  • We successfully immortalized primary cells from the following species: Human, Bovine, Sheep, Pig, Dog, Rat and Mouse
  • We worked with cells from the following tissues:  Brain • Liver • Lung • Ovarian • Pancreas • Prostate • Skin • Thoracic aorta • Umbilical Cord • Thyroid


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