Purified reporter lentivirus are available as Single Reporter Vectors with fluorescent or bioluminescent marker or Dual Reporter Vectors with combination of fluorescent and bioluminescent markers. Choice of fluorescent markers include: eGFP, eYFP, eCFP, mCherry, mKate2, PLUM, RFP.  Bioluminescent Markers include Firefly, Renilla and Gaussia luciferase






Pre-made lentivirus titers range from 106 to 108 TU/ml. Titer is determined either by qRT-PCR or by estimation of transducing units (TU/ml) after limiting dilution in cell culture.

For safety issues related to recombinant lentiviruses please refer to the guidance documents available at the site of Office of Biotechnology Activities (NIH).  Please click here.



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