Gary Veytsman, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Veytsman is CEO of Capital Bioscience, Inc, which he founded in 2007. Under his leadership, Capital Bioscience grew into a leading biotechnology CRO dedicated to connecting researchers from around the world with clinical sites and repositories of high-quality clinically annotated tissue specimens. Earlier in his career, Mr. Veytsman worked with several European companies with a focus on system logistics. Mr. Veytsman studied and received his training in Neuroscience and Biology at George Mason University.


Andrei Malykh, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Andrei Malykh has over 30 years’ experience in research and development of nucleic acid-based technologies.  Dr. Malykh serves as CSO and is responsible for R&D projects related to development of telomere maintenance mechanism assays for cancer diagnostics and providing custom service solutions. Prior to Capital Biosciences, he served as Director of Business Development at NovoMed Consulting with a focus on planning, commercial evaluations and marketing. He has experience in reviewing patent data, performing due diligence and building business cases. He was formerly the Vice President of business development at Fidelity Systems, Inc., where he engaged in research and development of direct genomic DNA sequencing technology with Fimers and management of multiple microbial genome projects. Before that, he was senior scientist in a nonprofit research organization, RIGHT, involved in discovery research in combination drugs for treatment of HIV, after serving as visiting fellow at NCI/NIH, where he carried out research in characterization of HIV-1 genetic determinants of cell tropism; sequencing of HIV variants isolated from patients in Russia, and studied effects of combination of anti-HIV agents. His early career includes research in AIDS epidemiology and diagnostics in the Department of Health in St. Petersburg, Russia. Dr. Malykh has coauthored numerous publications, received two patents, and presented at numerous international meetings. He received his PhD from Chemical and Pharmaceutical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia.


Andrey Pavlov, PhD, Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Pavlov also has over 30 years’ experience broad expertise in development of high throughput analyses, bioinformatics, protein and nucleic acid chemistry, molecular biology, and quantitative bioanalytical assays.  He was senior scientist at Fidelity Systems, where he designed novel analytical assays for characterization biological molecules, and, specifically, various nucleic acids, as well as novel PCR procedures. He has a strong background in the field of statistics and design of experiments necessary to draw accurate conclusions from the high throughput analytical data. Prior to Fidelity Systems Dr. Pavlov was Research Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Biochemistry in Tulane University, New Orleans, LA. He received his PhD in Biological Chemistry and Chemical Kinetics from M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia.


Reza M. Sadaie, PhD, Senior Director of R&D

Dr. Sadaie has the knowledge, experience and skill set ranges from basic research to regulatory sciences to R&D, including drugs and devices technologies and project management, which enabled him to serve as external consultant in the US-FDA, Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories, Center for Device and Radiological Health, and pharmaceutical firms, as well as academia, institutes, industry. He has certificates of trainings on Products License Applications, Investigational New Device/Drugs, auditing/inspections, FDA laws and requirements. His early career included research in molecular biology at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and subsequently in AIDS biochemistry and diagnostics at NCI and FDA.  Areas of reserach included human viruses, HIV and HTLV genetic variants, molecular pathogenic mechanisms and anti-HIV compounds. He also has been on multiple review committees on safety and efficacy, chemistry and manufacturing data assessments, evaluations of biologics license applications (BLA, IND, IDE, 510K) for diagnostic test kits and devices for human retroviruses (HIV, HTLV), participated in industry meetings, prepared reports and response letters. Dr. Sadaie received his PhD from the University of Sussex, United Kingdom.




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