Capital Biosciences, Inc. offers a variety of biological products including Clinically Defined Human Tissue, premade Lentiviruses, Kits for cfDNA and Exosome Isolation from liquid biopsies, as wells services like Telomere Assays, Custom Recombinant Lentivirus Production, Primary Cells Immortalization and Stable Cell Line Development for academic and governmental research institutes, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. The company is located in the I-270 Hi-Tech corridor in the state of Maryland, USA. Our goal is to become the premier service provider of innovative technologies, products, unique tools and services for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. We also assist pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in their pursuit of broadcasting their products and services.


Company Mission

CBI’s mission is to build a world-leading molecular diagnostics company based on SubX® and FLAMP® portfolio of molecular biology products and tests. SubX® represent innovative approach for isolation and analysis of circulating nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) and extracellular vesicles, such as exosomes, in liquid biopsies. FLAMP® approach is based on proprietary technology of using chemically modified oligonucleotide primers (Fimers) in linear amplification of target template.

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