The following information is required for the packaging of your provided lentivirus construct:

  1. Map of the lentivirus construct. Different lentiviral vector sources require a different packaging mix. Please provide us with the vector information so we can package the virus accordingly.
  2. Name of the GOI, accession number, etc.
  3. Lentiviral vector DNA prodived at a concentration of 0.1 - 1.0 μg/μL.
  4. Preferably, the DNA should be amplified in DH5α cells. If your plasmid has been amplified in a different competent cell type, please let us know. 
  5. Please submit in your inquiry to: support@capitalbiosciences.com

Standard delivery time for the 106 Titer lentivirus is 14 business days from the date of receiving the DNA. If DNA amplification is required, delivery of the custom lentivirus is 14-21 business days.


 Virus Titer

 Cat. No



 106 Titer Crude Lentivirus Particles
 Cell culture supernatant, filtered  
 (DNA amplification included)


 10 ml (10 x 1 ml)


 107 Titer Purified Lentivirus
 High-Titer custom recombinant lentivirus  (107IU/ml)
 (DNA amplification included)


 1 ml (10 x 100 μl)


 108 Titer Purified Lentivirus
 High-Titer custom recombinant lentivirus  (108IU/ml)
 (DNA amplification included)




 109 Titer Purified Lentivirus
 High-Titer custom recombinant lentivirus  (109IU/ml)
 (DNA amplification included)


 4x25 μl


 Super High Titer Purified Lentivirus
 Custom recombinant lentivirus  (1010IU/ml)


 4x25 μl

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Request For Lentivirus Production Service
Notes:  Titer is measured in clone formation unit (CFU) when  an antibiotic resistant gene is available in the construct; titer is in transducing units (TU) when a fluorescent marker is available in the construct; p24 ELISA or other assays may be used if neither is feasible. In cases when titer is determined by RT-qPCR, units are shown as copies/ml.


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  • Company, Institute
  • Vector type (2nd or 3rd generation?)
  • Gene of Interest (GOI)
  • Nucleotide or Protein Accession Number
  • Specify the desired titer
  • Desired virus quantity/Volume
  • Comments

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