Capital Biosciences offers custom design and cloning gene(s) of interest (GOI) from non-lentiviral plasmids into HIV-1 based 3rd generation lentivirus vectors. Simply choose a vector with one of the following promoters: CMV, EF1-α, PGK or UbC and indicate whether you need any additional features, such as fluorescent markers, specific antibiotic resistance or tags then let our dedicated team of scientists take care of the rest. We can even package functional lentivirus particles for you to the titer of your choosing.

If you don't have the cDNA, please provide the accession number for the GOI or its name, and we will either find or synthesize the cDNA and subclone it into the desired lentivirus plasmid.

In-frame fusion constructs with tags, such as HA, His, FLAG and V5, as well as with fluorescent proteins EGFP and RFP can be made. Bi- and tri-cistronic constructs to subclone multiple GOIs into single lentivirus are available upon request.

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