DNATractionTM Multi-Purpose DNA Isolation Kit

Multi-purposes solid-phase DNA purification kit DNATractionTM is intended for isolation of (i) genomic DNA from human, animal, and plant cultured cells or tissue samples; (ii) for DNA isolation from bacteria, phages and viruses; and (iii) for purification and concentration of amplified or labeled DNA fragments without employing of phenol/chloroform, DNAzol, proteinase K, alcohol precipitation and high speed centrifugation. The kit includes components sufficient for 50 standard DNA isolations from 1-10 mg of tissue or 0.5-2x106 cells. During 30 min DNATractionTM simultaneously generates ready-to-use high quality DNA from multiple samples suitable for amplification, restriction, ligation, labeling, sequencing, and cloning purposes. DNATractionTM kit is applicable for general genetic engineering needs, genetic disease testing, viral and prenatal diagnostics, monitoring of HIV infection, forensic (HLA-Typing, paternity testing), and for genetic control of transgenic animals.



· Specially designed magnetic particles with ultra-low non-specific binding properties

· Fast: Ready-to-use DNA generated in half an hour.

· Convenient:  No ultracentrifugation, columns, cartridges, and alcohol precipitation.

· Safe:  No phenol/chloroform, SDS, and proteinase K

· Universal:  Extracts all forms of DNA: double-stranded, single-stranded, circular, and supercoiled plasmids, phage, bacterial, mitochondrial, plant, animal and human genomic DNA ranging from 50 bp to 200,000 bp.

· Versatile:  Simultaneous DNA extraction from cultured cells in 96-well format in the same cell culture plate.



Fig.1. Size distribution of genomic DNA isolated with DNATractionTM kit from rat blood lymphocytes. Hexagonal pulse-field (CHIFE) gel electrophoresis in 1% agarose, 0.5xTBEM. EtBr staining. M - phage lambda DNA ladder; M’- yeast DNA ladder; Lane 1- DNA isolated by vortexing; Lane 2- DNA isolated by gentle pipetting. 










Fig. 2. Restriction endonucleases digestion of rat blood lymphocyte DNA isolated with DNATractionTM kit. M-  1-kbp DNA ladder; Lane 1- digestion with EcoR I; Lane 2- digestion with BamH I; Lane 3- digestion with Hind III.


DNA isolation from cells cultured in 96-well plate. No extra plates, columns or tubes.  All procedure is done in the same plate where cells were grown!


Fig. 3. Magnetic beads before and after application to BioMag® 96-Well Plate Separator (Polysciences, Inc., Cat. 8MB4109S-1). 

Fig. 4. DNA yield per well from HEK293 cells grown in 96-well plate.











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