CBI offers a new system for the isolation of circulating nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from liquid biopsies, cells and tissues. Our DNA isolation kit is based on a new DNA Binding Matrix that captures circulating DNA from biofluids (serum, plasma, urine, amniotic and cerebrospinal fluids) without addition of salts and/or chaotropic agents.

No Proteinase K digestion is required.  Standard volume of liquid biopsy for DNA isolation is 2-5 ml. Scale up to 50 ml of liquid can easily be done.




We have developed a new method of cell-free DNA (cfDNA) isolation from plasma, serum, and urine samples based on a dual-functional substance that binds DNA under physiological conditions (e.g., directly from biological fluids) where it is absorbed to a solid phase matrix. Current commercial cfDNA isolation kits employ a traditional silica-chaotropic salt approach and often suffer from lot-to-lot surface differences of silica that result in low extraction efficiency of small DNA fragments. Our approach eliminates this problem.

Our circulating DNA isolation procedure includes three conventional steps:

• DNA binding: simply add 15-50µl of matrix to your bioliquid sample and rotate for a few minutes;
• Washing: 3 brief vortex-spins;
• Elution: DNA is easily eluted in a small volume (30-50ul) of buffer.

Very important tip for disrupting pellets of binding matrix:  see here.



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