Capital Biosciences provides human biospecimens in a broad range of therapeutic areas such as oncology, autoimmune disorders, neurological and cardiovascular diseases. We continuously work on expanding to new therapeutic areas by developing clinical site networks around the world.

Biospecimens are collected in various formats and combinations to suit our customer’s research goals.

Sample collection formats
  • FFPE blocks (Oncology, Autoimmune Disorders, Cardiovascular and Neurological Diseases, Normal Tissues)
  • Fresh frozen tissue (Oncology, Autoimmune Disorders, Cardiovascular and Neurological Diseases, Normal Tissues)
  • Biofluids (Oncology, Hematological Diseases, Autoimmune and Metabolic Disorders, Neurological Diseases, Healthy donors)
  • Cell Fractions (Hematological Diseases)
  • RNA and DNA (Available upon request)
  • Primary Cell Lines and viable tumor pieces (Available upon request)
  • Fresh Biospecimens Collection (Available upon request)
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If you cannot find the specimens you are looking for in our repository please fill out the Tissue Request Form and we will contact you within 24 hours with pricing and availability.

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