Capital Biosciences provides fresh (unprocessed) clinically defined tissues from consented donors delivered to your research facility within 24 hours in any of the following solutions:
  • Culture medium (e.g. RPMI)
  • UW solution
  • HTK
  • Aqix solution
Orders and Inquiries

The best and easiest way to inquire about tissue availability or project feasibility is to fill out the Tissue Request Form below. Please enter as much detail as possible. We will conduct a quick feasibility study and will get back to you with availability, project duration and price within 24 hours.


  • Name*
  • Email*
  • Phone
  • Company, Institute
  • Indication (e.g. Lung cancer)
  • Format (e.g. FFPE, Frozen, Frozen Viable)
  • Quantity (e.g. 10 patients)
  • Volume (e.g. 5 ml of Plasma)
  • Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria (e.g. Specific Treatment, Stage, etc..)
  • Application (e.g. IHC, RNA study, DNA study)

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Technical Inquiries:

Please note: we take all technical inquiries by email. Email your questions to TechSupport and receive a detailed response within 24 hours.

Billing, Sales, Customer Support:                     1-240-240-2451

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